Blog award

Linda, the leading lady of the Belgian Yahoo-group “Creatief met stempels“, offered me this blog award for beginning blogs:

I’d like to pass it on to the following 3 lovely blogging ladies:

  • Crea Myriame, a very creative Belgian lady who also belongs to our Yahoo-group. Her blog has been online for quite a while, actually, and she already has a lot of followers, but I’d like to offer her this award anyway.
  • Stubb un Stubbekammer, a German lady who recently started a blog to share her non-cute stamped art with us
  • Al’s bits and pieces, a Scottish lady who’s brand new blog features beautiful photographs and ATCs.

Ladies, glad to have you in our blogging community! Hope a lot of people will find their way to your blogs and you’ll be thoroughly enjoying blogging. You can pass on this award to 3 or 5 beginning blogs if you want. No obligation of course, if you don’t feel like doing so, just accept and cherish it.  🙂


2 comments on “Blog award

  1. Ali says:

    Aisling thank you SO much for the cute little blog award!!!!!!…..and also for the lovely and encouraging feedback that you left me re my ATCs and photos. This was such a wonderful surprise this morning… I had to sit here for about half an hour and puzzle out how to add the award, but I got there in the end (I’m not very computer-minded at the best of times!!). So that’s another new thing I’ve learned about the world of blogging today!!

    Many thanks once again A.

    Ali x

  2. Gráinne says:

    Me too, I want to thank you for the award which I gladly accept ;o)
    Thank you so much.

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