What’s On Your Floor? Wednesday

Thanks to Julia lots of people are in the habit of  sharing pics of their workdesks on Wednesday and hop over to each other’s blogs to take a peek!

Usually, my workdesk (a six-people-dinnertable)  is very messy and sometimes I even need more space, so I use … the floor.

Those among you who have visited me before probably already know that I adore trying out different techniques. On the picture you see a spin and splash machine, with which I created the backgrounds of this and this ATC. I love creating ATCs because they are ideal for trying out background techniques and I love swapping ATCs with others!

That’s it for today, hope you liked the peek!

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14 comments on “What’s On Your Floor? Wednesday

  1. helen says:

    Wow! I had one of those about 40 years ago…. ooops! showing my age well and truly. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Tracy Evans says:

    Great idea using a spin and splash machine for some different backgrounds, very unique. Have a good evening, Tracy Evans (18).

  3. twiglet says:

    Yes I think my little sis Wipso had one about 45 years ago!!! Great fun!

  4. Alison Haselgrove says:

    Spin & splash – sounds like driving here in rainy Wales !! Great to see your floor today !! have a happy crafty week ! Ali x #41

  5. Great idea using that machine! Brings back memories. Thx!
    Happy WOYWW
    Linky #124

  6. sarah (sasa) says:

    Looking very creative – hope your carpet stays clean – let us see the results…
    Sarah (sasa 27)

  7. Wipso says:

    Happy memories came flooding back. I used to have one of those….wonder where it went?
    A x

  8. Rosie says:

    If you like making backgrounds, you’d LOVE doing art journals!! (I do). Thanks for sharing your floor …

  9. Sue Allan says:

    Spin and splash sounds great.. should be able to make some amazingly effective pieces.
    Sue xx 15

  10. Katie 83 says:

    Your ATCs are fab! Are you over at atcsforall? I’m Ethereal_sheep 🙂 Love your workspace!


  11. joanne says:

    I have been after one of those spinart machines for ages. The one I managed to find has a spike in the middle to hold the card. Not suitable at all. May I ask where you got yours from?
    Luv Joanne xx

  12. butlersabroad says:

    Your backgrounds are great and there’s obvioulsy a child still inside all of us!


  13. Bernie says:

    That machine looks such fun. I seem to recall decorating my nan’s kitchen floor with something similar many years ago (fortunately it washed off!). Love the fact that you are trying out different techniques for the backgrounds & look forward to seeing the results.

  14. Seems like I saw your IA challenge before your WOYWW post this week. I borrowed one of those from a friend. Hers is a bit bigger, but yours still does the same thing. I love those backgrounds. Sorry I’m so late getting here. Got distracted by the ATCs (grin). Happy really belated WOYWW from #1 this week.

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