What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Hello there! First of all, a big thank you to everyone who visited my workdesk and left a comment last week and the weeks before! There are even ladies out there who visit ALL workdesks and leave a comment at each and every one of them… Respect! I feel rather guilty about not being able to do so… I try visiting about half of the participants and if I manage to leave 25 comments, I consider my “What’s on your workdesk? Wednesday” a very productive one (If you’re thinking “What the heck???” click here).

Last week, I received lots of comments about the bleach that was standing on my desk. Ok, I must admit, from a safety point of view, keeping your bleach in a salad jar might not be the best of ideas, but I can assure you my boyfriend won’t put it back into our kitchen cupboard. Many of you seemed to genuinely ask themselves what the bleach is used for. Do you really never use bleach in your work??? I use it quite regularly to remove the colour of black paper before inking it with bright colours or before painting it with Perfect Pearls or to remove colour from an inked background.

Actually, I’m no fashion queen and no kitchen princess either, and some of the products you’ll usually find in someone’s bathroom or kitchen, are … in my stamping stash.

Some examples:

  • salt to sprinkle on ecoline backgrounds
  • hair spray to seal ATCs or cards
  • petroleum jelly to create peeled paint backgrounds
  • shaving foam to create marbled backgrounds

So, now over to my workdesk!

You’ll probably notice I cheated a bit. Normally there are inkpads scattered all over my workdesk, but I put them away before I took the pic. What’s left are only some stamps I recently used or was planning to use. The blue one that needs to be mounted is a present I received from StampItCrazy for taking part in the wonderful “Macabre Monday” challenge.

The finished piece you see on my workdesk is a gothic arch I created for the Inkurable Stampers Gothic Arch Challenge. If you’d like to see it more in detail, please check my next post!

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12 comments on “What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

  1. Julia Dunnit says:

    How funny – we all go Safety crazy at once over a bottle of bleach!! No but really – I don’t use any of those household products in my craft…what am I missing? *panic*! Thanks for putting the ink pads away – it helps me be less jealous. Next week you may wanna deal with those huge files that are clearly full of stamps that I want. Need. Will be back for arch details!

  2. This comment is kind of spam … Blogger is seriously getting on my blimming nerves so I have resorted to pasting the same comment … just so you know I have been!
    Great WOYWW post! If I get chance I will pop back with a proper comment :0)

  3. Sheila H says:

    No bleach for me. I’m scared of that stuff. Good for you for using it. I wouldn’t be afraid of bleach in a salad jar. My husband keeps soy sauce in an old dishsoap bottle.

  4. neet says:

    This is creatively tidy. Love that tag you have started.

  5. Wipso says:

    I love the thought of the experiments with household products. Hope you will do a show and tell of the results you get with some of them.
    A x

  6. mandy says:

    I spy some pretty storage and an even more beautiful arch with butterfly! thanks for the snoop 🙂
    hugs mandyxx

  7. Sarpreet says:

    cheating is ok, lol, I am a bit late this week, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

  8. I’d love to see how you create marble backgrounds out of shaving foam. Please could we have a tutorial sometime??


  9. Phree says:

    I have all of your examples on my desk except the shaving cream, but only because hubby has a beard so there is none in the house to steal…errm I mean borrow [grin]. Lovely workdesk the gothc arch looks fab.

  10. Nikki C says:

    What a fab desk congrats on the Stamp it crazy stamp they are great 🙂

  11. You have a really lovely desk, even if you cleaned up a bit before you took the photo. BTW, I use all of those products to make my backgrounds. I also use 91% rubbing alcohol and old eye shadow in place of chalk inks. Sorry I’m so late getting around this week. It’s been because blogger is not playing nice and I had a hard time keeping my computer from freezing up.

  12. Becky says:

    I like the look of a bleached stamp or background, but my sinuses don’t like the smell one bit! Lovely crafty space!

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