What crafting supplies do you take with you on your holiday?

Here are some nosy girls who’d like to know which crafting supplies travel with us when we’re going on holiday.  When I was packing for my holiday to Corsica in June,  I said to myself that it would be a good thing to have an entire week without crafting. But I just couldn’t bear the thought and, one hour before we had to leave, I started gathering most of my stamping stash and some paper supplies.

As you can see, it was not difficult at all to collect my most vital supplies:

These are the contents of my holiday luggage:

  • two boxes  containing most of my inks, products and tools (more info in this post)
  • four binders with unmounted stamps
  • a binder with all kinds of blank, coloured and stamped ATC-sized papers
  • a binder with some some scraps, masks, templates, etc.

Here a close-up of how I store my unmounted stamps

Here’s an example of how I store my ATC supplies:

What are YOU taking with you on your holiday??? Make sure you show us: here!


3 comments on “What crafting supplies do you take with you on your holiday?

  1. dymphie says:

    wow, you took all this? Did you manage to use some too? Sometimes vacations just go so fast with all the fun new things around you.

  2. aisling says:

    I only made a few ATCs one afternoon, but still I was glad I brought my crafting supplies with me!

  3. Angenita says:

    You’re not traveling by plane, that’s for sure 🙂
    I love how you stash your atc material. It looks good already, all those nice colours.

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