Garden scene for DragonsDream Tag It On

I know I’m late! Frankie already posted her new challenge on DragonsDream Tag It On, but I really would like to share the previous one, for it has been made for a very special occasion. Frankie and her partner celebrated handfasting on the 21st of June. I really love the idea! And somehow, it has been not until now that I’ve realised that, every year, my partner and I also celebrate the beginning of our relationship on that very special day: Midsummer solstice. Last Monday we celebrated our 12 years. 13 next year… how I love that number!

It’s a very simple tag, but it has been made with all my heart, in honour of love, in honour of Midsummer solstice and in honour of all people who appreciate the ancient ways.

Congrats Frankie & Fred!


One comment on “Garden scene for DragonsDream Tag It On

  1. petra says:

    Mooie stempel dingen maak je, de fairy is prachtig 🙂 sinds ik alles digitaal maak is mijn stempel inkt helemaal verdroogt 😦 wie weet ga ik ooit weer eens stempelen want het is toch wel heel erg leuk.
    gr. Petra.

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