What’s on your workdesk? Wednesday

Julia wants to know what’s on our workdesk today. Well, I’m usually not keen on sharing my workdesk, since it’s not a workdesk but a dining table and it usually is very messy (can’t remember the last time we actually were able to eat our dinner at that dinner table…), but today I really feel like sharing something I worked at for eight hours. Unfortunately, it’s not a piece of art, but it will turn out to be very useful, I’m sure. Actually, today I had taken the day off, because I desperately wanted to create a number of ATCs to be able to swap at the Art Journey Event in Zeist this weekend, but it’s now 7 pm and I still have to start working at my first one! Instead, I ranged almost my entire stash of unmounted stamps. I stamped all of them, organised by brand, on sheets of A4 paper. I laminated the sheets so they can hold the unmounted stamps.  It’s dazzling to see how many stamps I’ve collected over the past year and I haven’t even used 10 % of them… which reminds me, I’m off.  Gone stamping!

The green fluid you see on the picture is no tasteful drink. It isn’t a witches’ brew either, it’s just water I used to clean my brushes when I was experimenting with acrylic paint yesterday evening. 😉


16 comments on “What’s on your workdesk? Wednesday

  1. Linby says:

    wow that is organised, I want to do that but didn’t think of laminating the sheets, good thinking. Like your comment about the witches brew – hee hee. You have some lovely work on your blog, especially like the butterflies.

  2. You have just given me the push I needed – I’m off to sort out my stamps.. I love your blog too.x

  3. Helen says:

    I’m not surprised it took you all day! You deserve to play a bit now, enjoy your evening.

  4. Paula says:

    oh how I wish I was that organised!

  5. Paula's Paper Playground says:

    how organised are you… i put my stamps in polypockets, but laminating the card makes more sense… well done.

    Paula x x x

  6. Kaz says:

    Funny you should be organising your stamps like that as I spent yesterday doing that to mine. It takes forever doesn’t it? I’ve not got them in a folder though xx

  7. Julia Dunnit says:

    Oh great job! I do this – occasionally – sit down to a specific job and many hours later emerge having done a shed load of worthwhile stuff but not the original job! Those ATCs will be so much the better for being done from organised stamps!! Thanks for showing us your WOYWW – no matter desk, table, whatever, we just like the sharing.

  8. Cardarian says:

    That is what I call organised! love your stamp “order” I am way too lazy to do that! Thanks for sharing the idea though – I might get up to it!

  9. Paige says:

    Great way to origanise your stamps. and now you have it done it will save so much time and space (for more stash)

  10. Mandy says:

    glad you explained the witches brew lol!!!! love all your stamps!!

  11. wipso says:

    Enjoy your stamping now you have tham all organised 🙂
    A x

  12. Cathy says:

    I love how you have organised your stamps!

  13. I bow to your superior stamp cataloging … most impressive indeedy!

  14. butlersabroad says:

    I was thinking just last night of making a catalogue with imprints of my stamps too, but I hadn’t considered putting the stamps in the same binder too, that’s a good idea. I prefer the idea of the Witches Brew I have to admit!!


  15. angie says:

    What a wonderful array of stamps …must be a great sense of achievement seeing them all organized and easy to find what you want…..Glad you explained said liquid ….it does look …well weirdly bright!!

  16. Cheryl B says:

    LOL about the pain water. I’d need to put a label on it “Don’t Drink Me” to keep from trying it. LOL
    Your stamps are so organized and neat and it looks like you have a good space there.

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